Friday, May 31, 2013

Table for 6 at Guu Izakaya

Mrs Yumyum says she felt like it was her birthday weekend. From spending time with family, shopping and date night with her hub, and finishing off her weekend with her friends at Guu. A girl can't ask for a better weekend.

After a day of shopping, her friends suggested eating at Guu Izayaka
...there was no way Mrs Yumyum would turn down an invite to Guu. Upon their arrival they were surprised to hear that they now accept reservations. Finally the days of waiting for over an hour was over. Unfortunately they did not know this ahead of time so there they sat in the waiting room waiting for their table. An hour passed by quickly with silly conversations of favourite Costco items, mattresses, and paper towel. Once they sat down they started pointing away at the menu at their usual favourites. After a few dishes it dawn on them that 6 people is the perfect number of people to go to Guu with. Most of the dishes came with 6 items. Just like dimsum is best to go with a group multiple of 3.

Gyu Carpaccio - They finished this dish once it landed because they were so hungry.

Scallop and King Oyster Mushroom - Everything always taste good wrapped in bacon


Karrage - Very good portion and the meat was very juicy

Kimchi Udon - They enjoyed the Yakiudon more because there was more flavour and ingredients.

Hotate Carpaccio - Always one of Mrs Yumyum's favourite dishes

Ebimayo - You can never go wrong with deep fried shrimp and mayo

Salmon Natto Yukke - Mr and Mrs K's favourite dish from Guu

 Kinoko Bibimbap - This was overall the group's favourite dish. Who would've thought cheese and fried rice go together.

 Tontoro - Little Miss Tiny and her boyfriend, Mr IN enjoyed this dish. The saltiness was a good compliment to drinking

Spicy Negitoro - Good dish but not memorable

Gindara - Another one of Mrs Yumyum's favourite. But since she learned to make it at home she no longer needs to order it (I will speak to Mrs Yumyum about a future posting with the recipe).

Takoyaki and  Kakimayo - These two dishes were very filling because of the starch from the Takoyaki and the cheese from the Kakimayo

After all this food they were still hungry...Mrs Yumyum looked through the menu again but there didn't seem to be a lot more choices. Although Guu is great because they are very consistent with their food and have a fun atmosphere, their menu selection is quite small. Hopefully they will be coming up with an updated menu soon or have more specials.

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