Friday, May 10, 2013

SongCook's Authentic Korean Restaurant

Mrs Yumyum and Mr Skinny hasn't been to this restaurant in years, so they were happy that their friends booked it for her boyfriend's birthday. Good job Little Ms Tiny! It was a restaurant they forgot about since it's just a bit further from their usual place that they get korean food. It's a great place for a big party since there is plenty of seating. And lucky for them it was also karaoke night at the restaurant...made for some good entertainment. Here is the restaurant's website:

The appetizers included kimchi, radish, japchae, and jelly with soya sauce...Mrs Yumyum has been spoiled by other Korean restaurants that have 6+ appetizers but all the ones they served were very good. Especially the kimchi, it was served with whole cabbage leaf instead of it being sliced.

They started off their night with the Hae Mul Pajun (seafood pancake) and Tang Su Yuk (sweet and sour chicken). Both were good, but not spectacular.

A must for her friends was pork belly table cooking. Mrs Yumyum isn't the biggest fan of pork belly because it is usually too fatty and not enough meat but this gave her a different outlook. It was nice cuts of pork belly...still full of fat but very meaty.

One of the dishes Mrs Yumyum was looking forward to was Ja Jang Myun (black bean sauce noodle). They got both the "old school" and new style of it. Both were delicious but she says the "old school" one won by a tad with the chunkier pieces of ingredients. But the true winner was the noodles. All the noodles they ordered were a great texture. Perfectly chewy but absorbed the flavours well.

Last dish that came was Bokeum Cham Pong (spicy seafood noodles). one of Mrs Yumyum's favourite of the night because noodles were very good at the restaurant and they were generous with the seafood and vegetables.

Must try dishes of the night went to Ja Jang Myun and Pork Belly table cooking.

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  1. Mrs Yumyum and Mr Skinny,

    Thanks for your post and glad to hear that you enjoyed your meal!