Monday, June 3, 2013


For Mr Skinny's birthday, Mrs Yumyum decided to take him to Tabule. She thought a night of Middle Eastern food along with belly dancers would be a great date night.

For appetizers, they ordered the Cauliflower and Maane - Lebanese Spicy Sausage. Mr Skinny was skeptical about both dishes, but excited to try them out. The cauliflower was flashed fried and served with tahini. It was a great dish that they would highly recommend. Unfortunately the Maane was a bit disappointing. The sausages were dry and not spicy. A better treat was the pickled vegetables and naan bread that were served to every table.

Mrs Yumyum ordered the Salmon Skewer and it was perfectly cooked. The salmon was moist and came with a generous serving of rice and vegetables. She was unable to finish the huge portion, but enjoyed every bite.

Mr Skinny ordered the Chicken Breast and similar to the salmon, it was very moist and flavourful. He really enjoyed the dish and was able to help Mrs Yumyum finish her meal. Maybe the Belly Dancer helped work up his appetite?!

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