Saturday, July 20, 2013

PF Chang's

Mrs Yumyum had an overdue date with her sisters tonight. It was great weather for a patio night, so the girls decided to try out PF Chang's. They are glad they did becausevit was a great overall experience, although the food was more expensive than their traditional Chinese restaurants in Toronto. Here is what they got:

They started off with the Chicken Lettuce Wrap at $10.99. It was delicious and great size for a group of 3 or 4 people. The taste was comparable to a peking duck dish, but more pricey. However, compared to other Western restaurants who serve lettuce wraps, this was tastier and similar price point.


They also ordered the Seared Ahi Tuna Wasabi Salad at $15.99. It was a good dish, but not worth it at this price. They enjoyed the Ahi Tuna salad at Joey's more than PK Chang's version.

Next up was the Tuna Tataki Crisp at $11.99. This was a dish with mixed  reviews. It was wonton crisps, served with seared tuna, diced ahi tuna, and strong cilantro flavour. The flavours did not seem to work together.

They also ordered the Dynamite Shrimps. It was small tempura shrimps, covered in a spicy creamy sauce and diced green onion. It was presented nicely in a martini glass, but would be better with large shrimps especially at the price of $10.99.

They decided to try the Chicken Pan Fried Dumplings. But they were disappointed in the size and the taste of the 6 dumplings for $7.99. It was comparable to frozen dumplings instead of the "handmade dumplings" as per their descriptions.

They finished their night with one of their favourite dishes, the Mussels in a curry coconut sauce. Not spicy at all and a great portion with large mussels at $11.99 and served with green onion and pancakes for dipping.

Overall a great experience with the service and atmosphere, but they can get a much better meal at a cheaper price at many of Toronto's Chinese restaurants.

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