Sunday, September 1, 2013

Me Va Me

Mrs Yumyum and Mr Skinny currently live in North York and they have recently been thinking of moving north of the city. While searching for a new home they have been trying to take advantage of all the great food spots near them. One of them is Me Va Me. A Middle Eastern restaurant that is always busy. On a good night it will be a 15 minutes wait, but at least there's the bar to grab a drink while waiting for a seat. But come hungry, portions are large and food comes quickly after you order it. A family style restaurant with minimum decor and furnishing. 

Every is served the pickled vegetables and warm bread. The pickletd vegetables which include pickles and peppers is a great and simple way to wake up the appetite. There are a lot of great dipping sauces to compliment the warm bread such as hummus (puree chickpeas with garlic and lemon juice) and baba ganoush (puree eggplant with seasoning). She has even bought some to take home to enjoy. 

Most meals are served with their house salad (mixed vegetables with house dressing) which is large portion and tastes great.

Mrs Yumyum wanted to get the Chicken Shawarma but they ran out by them time they were getting their late dinner. But she was not disappointed with her second choice which was grilled lamb skewer. She opted for the seasonal side vegetables, but there was the option of potato fries, mashed potatoes, roasted potatoes, baked potatoes, or rice. The meat was cooked nicely and was very juicy and their house dipping sauce was a great match for the savoury lamb. Also it was great to have a tasty meal without the guilt of eating bad. It fit her semi "paleo" diet.

Mr Skinny went with the grilled chicken breast with french fries. The chicken was very moist and nicely seasoned. Mr Skinny barely used the dipping sauce. A tad disappointing was the fries portion. The fries were very crispy and not too oily, however, it was a much smaller portion than what they usually serve. It was disappointing seeing the table next to them got a much larger serving than his.

Overall, they enjoyed it and will be back even if it's a further drive then the one they make now.

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